As we leave 2020 behind, it’s time to greet the New Year with fresh energy and hope. The past year has been difficult for many, but it’s important to keep looking and moving forward. 

The publishing industry has seen mixed results this year. Many publishers, bookshops, and authors have been dealt a heavy blow by the pandemic, while others have achieved success through clever marketing and innovation.

Last year, digital book sales saw an impressive rise as many people rediscovered the joy of reading. However, while audiobooks and eBooks flew off the virtual shelves, paperbacks were left struggling. 

Books can offer escapism and hope to readers across the globe. As we enter the New Year, and under new restrictions, the power of the written word is more important than ever. Writers and readers must come together to spread stories of hope, both in the coming months and beyond.

“Hope will never be silent.” ~ Harvey Milk

Time spent at home during lockdown has given many authors the opportunity to write extensively. I personally have used this time to write a new manuscript and market current publications. Both projects have had their challenges, but I’ve learned a great deal. 

Now, as another year begins, I plan to build on the foundations I laid down during 2020 and move forward with a positive mindset. Fresh obstacles are inevitable, for all of us, but hope and optimism are always on our side. 

If you are a writer, you have the power to share stories and unlock imaginations. There’s a profound truth in the idea that words can shape lives and change the world. 

Hope is being able to see that there is a light despite all the darkness.” ~ Desmond Tutu

What are your writing goals for 2021?

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